Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Figs, Nuts... it's Fall

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Figs are all over the driveway covering the walkway with a sticky, jammy mess. Oh, how I love fresh figs! Another few doors down, a neighbor has a magnificent pecan tree kicking out fresh nuts from a very old tree. The combination of figs and nuts is an ancient one with references in biblical times dating back to the Torah and even found and mentioned in the Promise Land. Ficus is the genus of the fig tree and the common fig is grown in mostly temperate or desert climates.

I love figs gently sauteed and then wrapped in prosciutto. It is a treat to die for while you are lamenting the loss of fresh summer peaches. I added nuts to this most well-known dish for the added crunch and protein. Omit the prosciutto and you have a glorious dessert for any vegan.

Proscuitto wrapped Figs w/ Nuts
2 Tblsp of olive oil
California Black Figs
cracked black pepper
nuts (pecans, almonds)
small package of proscuitto

Place olive oil in a low medium skillet. Wash and cut figs into halves. Place cut side down into the skillet. Gently sautee until the edges seem to melt (do not overcook; just warm through). Add cracked black pepper. Take out of pan and set aside. Place half a nut and push into the fig half. Wrap a thin slice of prosciutto around the entire half of fig. Set aside. Then place all wrapped figs back into the skillet to warm the prosciutto (do not brown; just warm). Take out and serve or let cool and serve at room temperature.

I just made this last night. So tasty! For an interesting video on how W.E.T. River Trips makes those awesome dinners on whitewater trips, check out Big Poppa's recent video blog about dinners on rafting and camping trips.

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