Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sushi, California Style!

I was born and raised in Japan in a traditional Japanese household. The sushi I ate was made beautifully and carefully by a parent who created eye-pleasing art with a reverence for each ingredient.

Then I came to California. OMG! Sushi became an adventure of strange ingredients that I never dreamed of combined with the simple seasoned rice and seaweed. But, it is surprisingly good never the less. Almost everyone in California and the entire West coast has eaten the California Roll. It's a staple in everyone's diet out here!

California Roll

1 cup of cooled cooked small grain white rice (sub a more nutritious brown rice)

small glass bowl

1 Tbsp of seasoned rice wine vinegar (mirin)

small crisp cucumber sliced into long julienne strips

large avocado medium sliced

2 dried seaweed sheets (nori)

optional : thin julienne carrot strips, toasted sesame seeds

optional : crab or imitation crab (ick)

garnish : wasabi mustard with soy sauce, pickled ginger slices

Mix room temperature, cooked rice w/ vinegar (mirin). Do not smash the rice grains. Set aside. Optional: add sesame seeds to your liking and mix in.

On a piece of saran wrap (plastic) or clean kitchen towel, place seaweed sheet down. Add the rice on half the sheet in a thin layer. Add strips of cucumber and avocadoes (add optional carrots).

Roll the rice end of the seaweed tightly and before you roll completely, carefully wet the end of the seaweed w/out rice with a smear of water. Then finish rolling completely. The moisture will "glue" the seaweed to itself so that the roll will not come undone. (How to roll sushi)

With a sharp wet knife, slice the roll into pin wheels. Serve w/ soy sauce flavored with wasabi and serve a side dish of pickled ginger.

Ta da ki mas!

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